and then..

hey hooo world..

come and go, show up and dissapear. well anything up to you. 😀

anyway, in this month i achieved one thing. Yes, finally i bought the Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen, the aweseome device ever. hehehehe..*lebay dikid boleh dong. I bought it in INTI United Medan last week, the price Rp.3.399.000, i choose the blue one.

I bought the new Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen 32th, it’s been long time i’ve been waiting for this. it’s fun you know thin, very light, nice screen, beautiful color, pretty fast processor, HD 5mpix Camera and many more. And now i don’t use my old iPod Nano anymore, cause of this.

I have 3 Devices now, My primary Phone Sony Xperia Ray, BlackBerry Torch, and iPod Touch. Pretty much, i even don’t know where do i put this things in my pocket, it so full. hahaha.. so i only put my primary phone in my pocket, and the rest i put it in my bag.

and here it is.

iPod Touch 5th Gen

iPod Touch 5th Gen



beautiful isn’t it? hehehehe..

see yaaa…. 😉


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