the sadness truth.

hey hoo world,

Relationship? what do you know guys about Relationship? getting attached. something that starts from together happiness and ended by hurts. then what?? depressed right. it’s a trap you know. first you guys feel safe when with him/her and then u won’t lose them, you guys afraid of losing her/ guys promises to stays together, you guys try at the best to keep them stick by your side. you always do what your girlfriend wants. i don’t know anything about love man. But something deep inside me, always hurt whenever you ignoring me.

I used to promise i won’t get attached to any girl again, because i’ve feel how hurts it loosing something the one that we love.

and then i can’t keep that to my self. i met a girl last november 2011, and becoming your friends. at the first thing we just only friend and just a workmate. and then we start knowing each other, getting closer, we used to talk over the phone in every night. and i think i feel i like you, i think there’s something more between us, and you feel that too. i feel alone when i’m not around you. and then last june we start something new. Now we are in Relationship, now we are attached to each other. we like each other and we love each other at the same way. but we keep about this things, because we’re work in same office. we don’t want anyone make some fun of us. at the beginning we’re so safe, we’re share everything that we like, and hang out to nice place in this town. we keep contact by phone when i’m not around you. everything just beautiful as we want. when i make something bad, you tell me and forgive me. and i think’s that’s ok. because that’s my bad and i promise won’t to do that again. so do you, when you make a mistake i forgive too and won’t make you feel bad.

and at the end, this early December, you tell me something about what do you feel all this time, i don’t have any idea what you tell about. i just fell empty, i want mad, but you start crying before i get mad. you taught that i wont make it. you tell me that you’ve always hurt. and we always hurt each other. i don’t have any idea. because every time when one of us make a mistake, we always forgive each other. and i think’s that not problem. because i think we’ll forget about all the mistake.

but you know, you tell me you’ve always hurt and i fell so bad. eventually everything that bad we’ve been through together you always remember that and blames everything on me. i  know i make mistakes a lot, and hurts you a lot. and that’s not mean you’re never make any mistake and hurts me. you do. but you know, i won’t remember anything bad that happened to us. i won’t blame you.  and obvious you blame me for everything, you always remember that bad things.

and finally you want ended everything, you want we just friend, just like the old days. i’m just speechless you know with your own decisions. i try at my best to make you safe,comfort,and happy with me. and now you want to get away from. i’m not easy to letting go something that i love yo know. everyday i try to make you stay with me, i always ask you to forgive me of what that i have done to you. but you wont change.

everyday i’m always in not a good mood, i feel mad, crazy for always keep thinking about you, i can’t get you off of my mind. how’s easy you know, that you know the one that you love the most want to leave you. i fell hurts everyday inside. everyday you’ve always make an excuses to stay away from me, i text, bbm and you just ignoring. ahh.. how bad it is.

Oh Lord, please help me.  Oh Dear, please just don’t leave me. we can try make it much better than before. can we?

In the end of this 2012 i have only feel hurt and sadness. it’s always about you, and always about you.

how crazy, how the one that i love the most, can make me hurts the most.

about you

Dear you’re the one that i needed the most. i won’t let you go.


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